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  • How do I book an Appointment?
    This is a referral only Clinic. You will need to consult with your Family Physician who will get in touch with our Clinic Staff.
  • How do I know if/when I have an appointment?
    Our front end team will get a hold of you after completion of the referral process. Once an appointment is booked, you will be sent an appointment confirmation. You will need to confirm this appointment 3-days prior.
  • What are the wait times for getting an appointment?
    Timelines to get in vary on how busy we are. Each individual physician has their own wait time that can be from several weeks to months out. In some cases, cancellations can happen, which can give other patients the opportunity to come in sooner.
  • What is the Cancellation/No-Show Policy?
    Cancellations require a 72-hour notice. Our Clinic Policy is also to confirm your appointment 72-hours prior to. In the event the appointment is missed even after confirmation, we send the referral back to the referring physician and if the patient is re-referred to the clinic it would be considered as a new referral and they go to the back of the waitlist. IMPORTANT: If you do not show to your appointment without proper notice, you are subject to be fined $150.
  • How do I get to the Clinic?
    You can find our address and steps on how to get here on our Contact us page.
  • Are doctors accepting new patients?
    Yes they are. However, you need to be referred to our clinic from your family physician.
  • What are some exercises I can do at home?
    Exercises focus on different parts on the body. Consult with your Physician or Neuro Doctor before performing any of the exercises. Below is a link to our Rehabilitation division. We have several reference videos that can be used.
  • What is an EMG Test?
    Electromyography. This is a Nerve and Muscle test. It uses electricity to test how the nerves and muscle are operating.
  • Do patients pay for anything?
    Certain Services will need to billed to patients. Disability forms, insurance forms, sick notes are all not insured through our clinic. If you miss an appointment without proper notice, you will be fined $150.
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