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New Patients



       Welcome to Edmonton Neurology. We request that, you to arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time and bring all necessary  data available, including but not limited to Alberta Health Care Card, Medication lists and all necessary documents including information on family history in your procession that are relevant to your visit. Please note we request all patients to remove outdoor footwear, if needed please bring your own  indoor shoes.

      In addition please be aware if the consult is regarding the following....


EMG consult: 

  • Please bring shorts or dress appropriately for the body part being evaluated.

  • Do not apply any cream or lotion to the body part being tested


Cancellation and No Show policy:

  • Please note due to high wait lists we request you to give us at least 72 hour notice for cancelations this would help us decrease our wait list by bring in other patients in your slot.

  • Also note that as the clinic policy is to call and confirm your arrival 2-3 days prior to the appointment, in the event the appointment is missed (No Show) even after confirmation, we send the referral back to the referring physician and if the patient is re referred to the clinic it would be considered as a new referral and they go to the back of the waitlist.